• Athens Greece, 13-14 September 2018

    At our excellent premises in Athens close to the seaside

  • London, 9-10 October 2018

    Amadeus House, Floral St, London WC2E 9DP

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The Course

Selling to Airlines is a two-day training course aimed at empowering sales teams and commercial professionals to better understand how airline customers function, their concerns, business needs and aspirations and ultimately how a solution or service can help them achieve their corporate objectives. By attending the course you will attain an unprecedented knowledge of how airlines select their providers and services, and ultimately you will see your sales targets achieved with ease.

The audience

It is likely that you come from one of the following industry sectors with services and solutions aimed at airlines:
Software applications and IT, social media firms, maintenance and engineering (MROs), spare parts, IFE, catering, ground services, aircraft cabin interiors and many more.
Or perhaps you sell services and products to many industry sectors and you need to get an edge with airline customers new or existing. A non-exhaustive list of such vendors: social media firms, web developers, office furniture, finance and banking, and electronic appliances.
We have designed the course with the sales, sales support and marketing professionals in mind irrespective of the seniority level. Selling to Airlines is the ideal course for anyone selling or supporting sales to airlines.

The trainers

The course was conceived fifteen years ago and has since been developed extensively in line with the sales and airline industry trends.
All of our trainers have proven working experience both as providers to the airline industry as well as airline executives. They have negotiated complex deals like IT and MRO outsourcing for airlines, to IFE for major carriers and implementation of new reservation systems to name a few. The same trainers have also worked for airlines in senior and CxOs levels that required them to conclude purchasing deals. They possess the best of both ends.

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